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I can confidently recommend Webabstract as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field. They personalize the tool for the need and for the purpose that's required.

Talent Acquisition Specialist - Ericsson

Time spent on the app has increased by more than 8% and daily users have more than doubled. Webabstract's precision, organization, and flexibility stood out.

Project Manager - Entertainment App with 60 million users

They're extremely organized, detailed, clear, and responsive. Webabstract's team is friendly and humble. Their price is also outstanding, from a US standpoint.

Cofounder - Scheduling Software Company (U.S.)

I have never known any designer team that is so vigorously focused on the business goals: Webabstract's service was tailor-made for us.

CPO - B2B Online Publisher

They've done an outstanding job. Webabstract delivered on time, as outlined. They can get into the full reasoning or understanding of our business model

President - Casavue (U.S.)

Our focus

Let's build something new

New product from scratch

You have a product idea? That's great! We help you to turn your idea into a well-designed product. We plan, research, design and test it until your customers are completely satisfied.

Need a boost?

Supercharge your product

Do you want to improve your product's performance or usability? Does your product need a re-design? We can help you understand your users and, at the same time, supercharge your product and boost conversions.

Smart designs for all devices

Great mobile apps

You have to compete on the mobile market and we would love to help you with that! We design for all sorts of mobile interfaces from tablets to smart watches. Let's create your smart, stunning app!

Get practical advice from the best

Product consultation

Do you want someone to review your product? Are you stuck with a design or development issue? We can do the research for you and then advise you on how to improve your product. The outcome is a prioritized list of issues that will guide you and your team so that you get the most out of your product and idea.

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How we work

Introducing our 7STEPUX method


We have to create the strategy behind the project first. We need to set goals and a project scope and collect all information that will be necessary during the project. Also, before we jump in and design the interface, we have to plot out and design the users' journey. We also determine the way the users will interact with the product. The goal of the planning phase is to lay solid foundations for the project.


In the planning stage, we may not know a lot about the users, and at this point, we might still have a lot of assumptions about the product. This is where we need to apply UX research and analytics so as to collect more data and validate our core assumptions.


Once you see the problems and needs, you can start to think about possible solutions. The Explore phase is really about experimenting with different approaches and sketching the first ideas from a high-level perspective. This is where we apply sketching and low-fidelity prototyping so as to materialize our ideas quickly.


After we've designed the foundations and core structure for the product, we can move forward by breaking down the design and creating digital wireframes and prototypes. Here is where we refine the information architecture of the screen and focus on the copy, layout, and interactions. We will use wireframes and digital prototypes to design and test these.


Once the outline of the product is ready, we can add the visuals. This is when the product starts to shine through the images, typography, colors, and refined layout. We have to design what kinds of feelings and emotions we want to communicate to the users. In this phase, we create visual designs and digital prototypes which will represent the ‘final' appearance of the product.


We have to validate our design decisions before implementing them in development. In reality, this phase is more like a refining and iterating stage. For example, you run a usability test with the target audience, make changes to the product, and test again if necessary. For validating designs, we use first-impression testing (e.g., five-second tests), usability tests, and A/B tests.


After testing, we hand off the designs to developers who will break them down and create the coded products. After the product launch, we can measure and test how the product performs and incorporate feedback from the users into a new product release. The deliver phase is important in making sure that the developers have everything they need to start their work.

Your project
Seven Step UX

SEVEN STEP UX: The Cookbook for Creating Great Products

Our co-founder and UX expert, Csaba, wrote a hands-on, down-to-earth approach to UX design that provides a complete overview of the Seven Step UX product design process that we use every day at Webabstract. This book is a practical, step-by-step guide that will take you through all of the steps and teach you all of the methods you need to know for UX work from planning an app or website to wireframing, research, and design. It is a must-read for understanding user experience design.

Making a recruiter's life easy

We saw how the wonderful team at ERICSSON struggled with their daily tasks. So, we designed a web application tailored specially to their needs. This saved them precious hours and allowed them to concentrate on more important tasks.

Show me the designs
Ericsson desktop screenshot

Easy-to-use ticket selling app

EFOTT is one of the largest festivals in Hungary. We designed a complex festival management application where users can easily order their tickets, book accommodation and much more. After the launch, the average checkout time did not exceed 2 minutes.

Show me the designs
EFOTT mobile screenshot

Designing fun for 60 million users

With its funny photo editing tools, Photowarp creates fun for its vast user base every day. In one of our latest projects, we have helped the Photowarp’s team to redesign their app to enhance its User Experience from every possible aspect.

Show me the designs
PhotoWarp mobile screenshot

Here's a quick look at some of the companies we work with

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Adópraxis Ericsson EFOTT Jobline PhotoWarp
mideas MindMaze HVG Erste Foxtransfer
Csaba Házi
Daniel Knaust
David Dorosz
Imi Kostyo
Susan Dorosz
Daniel Molnár

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We are featured on Clutch!

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