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Full time

We are hiring a Senior Java Developer to build amazing backend apps for mobile apps and the web.

The skillset we need...

  • Extensive experience with Java
  • Confident working experience with GIT
  • In-depth knowledge of the REST API method
  • Basic knowledge/heard of GraphQL and want to use it

You will love to work with us if you...

  • Want to work on apps which will have/already has a huge user-base
  • Like Competitive Salary
  • And flexible working hours - the project has to be done, but it is up to you how you schedule your work
  • Want to participate in International projects in various industries
  • Fancy the opportunity to learn the best practices of digital product development, and User Experience Design
  • Wish to meet a team of talented people who respect your work and help your efforts
  • Can drink a substantial amount of coffee and a few glasses of beer :)

Love to experiment with cutting-edge web-technologies? Be the one who makes decisions, what technology-stack the app will rely on to build something which will be future-proof.

So to summarize the necessary skillset

  • Java as a back-end service
  • GIT
  • REST API (the backend site)
  • Microservices

If you think this can be a good fit for you, we would love to hear more about you! So please drop us a line and send your CV to get in touch!

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